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SpellCraftPDX: Where Magic Meets Mixology

Handcrafted Elixirs for the Spirited Soul

At SpellCraftPDX, we believe in the power of intention. We infuse our passion for craft cocktails and coffee with the magic of spirituality, creating enchanted elixirs and potions that elevate your everyday beverages.

Crafted with the Cosmos in Mind:

Each creation is meticulously made from scratch using seasonal ingredients. We select them not just for flavor, but for their spiritual significance. We weave in the influence of astrological placements, traditional witches' sabbats, and the guidance of our spiritual partners to bring you potions that:

Unveil Your Inner Alchemist:

Indulge in our handcrafted elixirs and discover a world of flavor that transcends the ordinary. Explore our collection and find the perfect potion to elevate your next:

Ignite Magic

SpellCraftPDX isn't just about flavor; it's about inspiring magic in your daily life. Every sip is an opportunity to connect with your inner self, unleash creativity, and cultivate happiness.

Meet Our Cocktail Witch

Awarded Mixologist and Spirits Virtuoso, Augustina Elizabeth brings a captivating blend of expertise and innovation to the beverage industry.

A Certified Tequila Professional and Canadian Whisky Steward,  Augustina Elizabeth boasts an impressive educational background in the world of spirits. She is also a founding member of the renowned Distillery Row Tour, showcasing her deep understanding and passion for the craft.

Augustina's dedication extends beyond exceptional knowledge. Her recent Better Process Control School certification for Acidified and Aseptic Foods through the OSU Food Innovation Center highlights her commitment to quality and safety.

This dedication shines brightly in her cocktails. In June 2023, Augustina Elizabeth secured the coveted title Best Bloody Mary Mix at Portland's Bloody Mary Festival with her innovative and award-winning creation, "Sekhmet's Fury Bloody Mary Potion" As a practicing witch, she draws inspiration from her spirituality practice and it led to the creation of the flagship Bloody Mary Potion, Sekhmet's Fury. This vibrant and invigorating classic is more than just a drink; it's designed to restore vitality and empower consumers.

Her cocktail "Meet Me at the 19th", featuring the SpellCraftPDX Tarot inspired "Empress Elixir", was named one of the top ten in the nation during "Manhattan Week" February 2024. Repeated recognition from industry leaders like Angel's Envy Bourbon and The Bloody Mary Festival is a testament to her exceptional talent and the craftmanship put into every SpellCraftPDX creation. 

Beyond the Bar: A Journey of Discovery

Augustina's interest extends beyond the realm of spirits. A long-time student of the occult, she delved deeper into the world of tarot after a personal challenge seven years ago. This profound knowledge forms the foundation for her enchanting Tarot Elixir Line. Currently there are three elixir's available as fresh made coffee and/or cocktail syrup. The Empress, The Emperor and The Fool. Stay tuned for more inspired flavor profiles encompassing the meaning and message of the major arcana of The Tarot.

SpellCraftPDX: Where expertise meets enchantment, creating an unforgettable experience in every sip. Intention is Everything

Our Products

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with SpellCraftPDX's Sekhmet's Fury Bloody Mary Potion

Portland's Reigning Bloody Mary: 2023 Champion

Crafted with the fiery spirit of the Egyptian war goddess Sekhmet, SpellCraftPDX's Sekhmet's Fury isn't your average Bloody Mary mix. This award-winning Potion (Portland's Best Bloody Mary Mix 2023) is a vibrant and potent blend born from a transformative experience. It's more than a beverage; it's an enchanted experience designed to reinvigorate your spirit and ignite your inner confidence.

A Taste of Transformation:

Just like the mighty Sekhmet, this potion embodies both fierce power and restorative healing. Expect a crisp, vibrant flavor profile that builds to a satisfyingly spicy finish.

Unleash the Fury Within:

Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, Sekhmet's Fury is currently available for online order and at select markets. Don't settle for ordinary - elevate your next Bloody Mary with the magic of SpellCraftPDX.

Unveiling Your Destiny: SpellCraftPDX Debuts Tarot-Inspired Elixirs (Coffee, Cocktails & Mocktails)

Embrace the Journey: Elixirs Steeped in Tarot Wisdom

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery with SpellCraftPDX's captivating new line of Tarot Elixirs. Inspired by the rich symbolism and ancient wisdom of the Major Arcana, these handcrafted syrups elevate your coffee, cocktails, and mocktails to an experience rich in flavor and meaning.

A Passion Ignited: Augustina Elizabeth's Story

Seven years ago, Augustina Elizabeth, the visionary behind SpellCraftPDX, embarked on a personal quest to unlock the secrets of the Tarot. Delving into the history, symbolism, and divination practices, she became an ardent student of this age-old tradition. This passion ignited a desire to translate the Tarot's profound messages into a tangible form – thus, the Tarot Elixir Collection was born.

Each Elixir, a Chapter in Your Story

The Major Arcana narrates the grand narrative of the human journey. Each card represents a pivotal step, a lesson learned, a transformation experienced. SpellCraftPDX's elixirs capture the essence of these cards, offering a flavorful exploration of self-discovery. Crafted with intention and spiritual inspiration, they weave together intuition, symbolism, and captivating flavors to inspire deeper meaning within you.

Unveiling the First Elixirs: