SpellCraftPDX: Where Magic Meets Mixology

Handcrafted Elixirs for the Spirited Soul

At SpellCraftPDX, we believe in the power of intention. We infuse our passion for craft cocktails and coffee with the magic of spirituality, creating enchanted elixirs and potions that elevate your everyday beverages.

Crafted with the Cosmos in Mind:

Each creation is meticulously made from scratch using seasonal ingredients. We select them not just for flavor, but for their spiritual significance. We weave in the influence of astrological placements, traditional witches' sabbats, and the guidance of our spiritual partners to bring you potions that:

Unveil Your Inner Alchemist:

Indulge in our handcrafted elixirs and discover a world of flavor that transcends the ordinary. Explore our collection and find the perfect potion to elevate your next:

Ignite Magic

SpellCraftPDX isn't just about flavor; it's about inspiring magic in your daily life

Every sip is an opportunity to connect with your inner self, unleash creativity, and cultivate happiness.

Intention Is Everything!